10 Best ARKit Games for iPhone You Should Definitely Play

The main aim behind the launch of iOS 11 is to turn iPhones into augmented reality-enabled devices. ARKit is a framework where developers create AR-related apps for iPhone and iPad. In a matter of a month, there are many games and apps coming up that are using the ARKit platform to provide users augmented reality experiences. Here are the top ARKit based games for iPhone as well as for iPad that you should definitely try out.

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1. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


This game was showcased at the Apple launch event, and the game has been very popular for over 2 years, and the recent update has integrated ARKit. It brings the knights into the real world, and you can even take screenshots.

2. The Machines


It creates a battleground in the real world virtually. One can move the table and play it from different angles. It is a brand new game, and even Apple showcased it during the launch event. It is a paid app and costs $4.99.

3. AR Dragon


If you want to keep a dragon as your pet, this is the one for you. The dragon will grow in size every day, and you can feed, dress it up and make it learn skills and perform them in the real world virtually.

4. Pokemon Go


It took the world by storm, and it is definitely the most successful AR game. With ARKite support, Pokemon Go is interesting like never before. You should definitely try it out now if you did not like it back then when no ARKit support was available.

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With this fun game, you can explore the place around you in the real world with a small character. All you have to do is move the camera around you. It is a puzzle game.

6. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR


This is one of the hell of action games out there that is featured on ARKit.You will stop playing any 2D action game once you experience it with ARKit platform. You can do gunshot helicopter and move with it as your device moves.

7. Stack AR


If you want someone to see the augmented reality effect by creating virtual stuff around you, this is the app to watch out for. You can create anything with stacks, and it is definitely a cool app to have for kids.

Apart from these, you can also look out for Sky Guide AR, Splitter Clitters, Housecraft and Monster Park.

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