10 Common Errors That People Make In Their Resume

Resume is an important part of getting a job. It is the opportunity to make the first impression in the mind of the interviewer. Presenting a resume is the most important part rather than what exactly is there. The first thing an interviewer looks for is the presentation to judge your character whether you pay attention to details or not. Here are the common mistakes most people make in their resume and ending up with no job opportunity at all.

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1# People are so focused in preparing themselves for the job interview, they never pay attention to the resume because they think interviewers never look at the resume at all. This exposes them to spelling,  grammatical mistakes, abbreviation, SMS language, all of which are due to carelessness.

2# Some people pour their heart out in their resume and making it too lengthy for an interviewer to get bored and not finding the right information. Make your resume compact and complete it in 2 pages and it required maximum of 2 pages.

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3#Most people make resume with normal English that they use in everyday life. They do not know or understand the important of action words. Action words or keywords create the impact in the mind of the interviewers and those who use it give them the edge because the interviewer understands that you have researched before writing your resume.

4# Clarity and Exactness are some of the most absent elements in a resume. Especially under skills and achievement section, people write long sentences without pointing out the exact thing that they want to convey to the interviewer.



5# Inappropriate email IDs may look cool to you but when in professional field, you have to act like professionals.

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6# Providing irrelevant things in the resume can kill your chances of selection because interviewers are completely pissed when they find difficulties in finding the information they are looking for and when they find that it is full of bullshit, they will reject before you can go for interview.

7# You should download a proper format and follow it according. You should have a word limit so that there are not so many words to make it boring and look unpleasant.

8# Be careful and precise when you list your past job and achievement and always use past tense for that. Present tense makes it look deceiving and full of lies.



9# Never use personal pronouns because everyone knows it is about you.

10# The biggest mistake one makes in writing a resume is that they list things they do not know and hence ending up making a fool of themselves.

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