10 Hilarious Statements From Bollywood Celebrities That Will Give You A Serious Laughter Attack!

No human being is perfect but when you are in a public forum where every word you speak goes under the hammer, you got to be highly careful and watch your mouth. But some these actors and actresses are outlandish in their speeches and like to take a dig at others. Well, some are successful while the others just strike the hammer on their own hands. If you thought only Alia Bhatt can make all the dumbest answers, you need to reconsider your thought process that these. For the moment just enjoy!


Sonam Kapoor – “Ash Has Worked With My Dad So I Have To Call Her Aunty Na”

Sometimes, being logical can be so funny. Slow claps!


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Sonam Kapoor – “I have taken Acting classes from Abhisekh Bachchan”

How can someone who does not know how to act, can even teach? That explains why she is so bad at acting!

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Alia Bhatt– “Prithviraj Chavan Is The President Of India”

The popular statement that made Alia Bhatt a meme! Prithviraj would die in his after life after hearing this!

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Salman Khan – “Arre, Koi Kutta Bhi Dekhne Nahin Gaya” – Not even a single dog went to see the film.

His review of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Guzaarish featuring his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai. We agree!


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Amir Khan – “Shah Rukh Is Licking My Feet And I Am Feeding Him Biscuits Every Now And Then. What More Can I Ask For?”

ShahRukh Is Aamir’s Khan Dog! Hats Off Mr.Perfectionist! ROFL!

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Salman Khan – “Shah Rukh Was Not My Girlfriend. I Don’t Even Miss My Ex-Girlfriends, How Can I Miss SRK?”

His took on their relationship before recent patch up. His sense of humor left the reporters stunned!


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Vishal Bhardwaj – “The Censor Board Is Behaving Like Taliban. It Should Be Censored And Chopped”

His take on the great Indian Censor Board who enjoys everything but don’t let the audience see the same!


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Uday Chopra – “I had to change my birthday from 5th Jan to 5th Nov.”

You will scare the shit of our Mom, dude! No acting skills, no brain as well! What are you good at?


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Payal Rohatgi – “ I don’t know much about football, bit I think Machester United should win”

I don’t know much about you, but I think you should keep your mouth shut after this!


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Kareena Kapoor – “I don’t know about the hardware but I have a green one”

Her reply to the question which laptop she has? Don’t they know anything other than acting?


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