10 Real Facts About Our Lives

Today I am going to talk about some real facts about our lives which we do not pay attention to. These realities are an eye opening for the present generation. We often talk about advancements that have taken place from previous times untill today. We state that we have the best facilities today so as to make our life easy and comfortable. But wait if this is so then how come we still suffer from solitude and are always at war with each other. Why these technologies or thinking process have set us apart from our beloveds. Give some time to think about all these perspectives of our life and compare the changes. I bet you will surely feel that the earlier times were more contented and full of reliability. Let’s find out what I mean to say in this blog:

Improved Medicine but Poor health

If we look back at early days, people did not fell ill as of now. There were no such dreadful diseases which we talk about nowadays. Our surroundings were natural, what we ate was fresh and homemade, there was real happiness around us. So people fell less prone to diseases. Even the advance medication of today is not resulting proper health.

High Income but Less Peace of Mind

Today we talk about six-figure salary and the most comfortable lifestyle with all the luxuries available to us. But if we sit quietly for five minutes alone, then we realize that this money only is leading to restless thought procedure. As it is a known fact, that money cannot buy peace of mind which a human body requires.

High IQ but Fewer Feelings

We will find many people with real ability to think and reason out every question put in front of them. But one should remember that life is not a test, and no can assess you or challenge you, on the way you think about your life. Life is preceded with utter emotions and feelings which we have for each other and not by illogical arguments that we bang into. Life is lived happily with sentiments and not one’s capacity to reason out everything with comparisons.

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Big List of Friends on Facebook but No Real Friends

In early days, the relationships were the strongest bonds. We had real and helpful friends who carried on the relationship on the trust factor. That is why they were called best friends. But today if we look around, there is an extensive list of friends on our social networks but in reality, no one is capable of being called a best friend. The friendship is just for namesake, and if you need any help from them, a number of excuses will pop up.

Lots of Human but Less Humanity

The population of the world is wafting up like anything, but the kindness factor is missing from all of us. There is no care for the poor and no feelings for the animals. I often read incidences of beating animals or throwing them from roofs, so as to get rid of them. Killing animals in the name of God and slaughtering to satisfy our hunger are the two poor examples of cruelty.

More Degrees but Less Common Sense

We have acquired so many degrees to have the best job, but at times don’t understand an existent point of life. But when we talk about simple things of life, we are not able to answer it with full confidence. We only boast about our qualification and look down on less educated people as unwise being. We ill-treat our beloveds and disrespect our elders and still feel proud of our so called education.

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Expensive Watches but No Time

This one is so genuine and suits most of us. We always talk about the most expensive brands of watches and do everything to get them. But the point is that all the watches whether expensive or cheap, will show the same “time”. The matter of fact is that the most expensive watch will also not be able to buy the time which your friends, relatives, parents, spouse and children need from you. If that expensive watch can buy the life’s most precious moments with your family and friends, then it is worth buying.

Reached Moon but Neighbors Unknown

We have touched the moon and talk about exploring other planets. But in today’s reality check, we don’t know the person who is staying nearby our house. We never get acquainted with our neighbors because we don’t have time for them in this rat racing world. We have a keen interest towards knowing our neighboring planets but know who lives next door.  Isn’t it surprising?

One child but still Complaining about Supervision

In early times a couple had 4-5 children and yet never complained of management issues. But today if we listen to two mothers talking about kids, they will always complain about not having their life and busy schedule. I wonder that how our grandparent’s life was at ease and they never criticized about having so many children in a family. However, they enjoyed their life with utmost concord and happiness.

Big House but Small Family

The day we start earning, we think about having a big house where we can stay a contented life. But the reality is that we forget about our parents who have made us capable enough to dream of that big house. The new trend of nuclear families has left the concept of staying together in a joint family. When I go back and recall my childhood memories, I remember my grandmother telling me stories of her big family living together in a small house which used to accommodate 10-20 people at a time. And they all use to live happily by sharing and caring.

Isn’t it amazing to know all these actualities of life in one sequence? I think we all are going to think about it sooner or later, that what we are really missing and what we are longing for in our present lives.

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