10 Statements Which Parents Must Avoid Saying To Their “Daughters”

Today I am going to share my own experience about having a girl child. Giving birth to a girl child is a blessing for me, notwithstanding the fact what people say. I have seen people asking their daughter-in-laws to have a boy child as a girl has to leave our home one day for getting married.  But I love my daughter and pamper her the way she wants. I never ask her to limit herself on anything as I very well know that it will hamper her thought procedure for rest of the life.



It is always fun to dress them up in cute clothes and accessories and listen to their cute things. Daughters always mature sooner than sons, and the moment they start expressing themselves becomes the most precious celebrations for parents. And believe me guys daughters are the most delicate and sensitive, charming dolls, and when they are hurt, no one can stop them from expressing their melancholy.

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I have seen many well-educated parents saying such words to their daughters that undermine their confidence level of taking a step further in life. Parents think that they are making her aware of life and its realities but instead they end up upsetting them. In my opinion they should also be allowed to do whatever they want and however they want. Poking them at every moment of their life’s decision will make them resentful and they will hold that grudge throughout their life. Let them live with full confidence and belief. We will discuss few No-No’s that make our darling daughters hold back in life.



“Don’t eat too much or else no one will marry you”

“Only boys can do that, girls never do such things”

“You don’t look good in this, everyone will make fun of you”

“Don’t behave like a boy”

“Stop being so loud about your feelings”



“I wish I had a boy”

“I don’t have money for your further studies, I saved it for your brother”

“Don’t go late at nights, world is too bad for girls”

“You cannot do night shift, what will our relatives say”

“First learn to cook, then think of stepping out of home”



Such statements make them weak and make them lose hope for their upcoming adventure of life. If this is the case it is better not to have a girl child. Because living with so much guilt of not being a boy afflicts deep in the heart. It’s time to make them strong and fight for their rights and live their dreams. Parents must help them get stronger and grow in a positive way and not by accusing them of their gender.



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