10 Things That No One Else Can Do Except Indians!

Everyone of us is passionate about our country. Different people from different countries have different opinions about Indians. There are certain things that only Indians can do while the rest of the world can watch us. Wondering whether they are good or bad activities, find out yourself.

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1. Peeing Openly In Public

Nowhere in the world will you see people peeing openly in public. They are lacking public toilets, and people have got into this habit of peeing openly in spite of public toilet available in short distance. No wonders why it makes girls uncomfortable all the time.

2. Number Of Holidays

There is no country in the world where so many festivals are celebrated, and so many people of different religion stay. That is why Indians are fortunate to have so many holidays every year.

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3. Bargaining

The lack of proper price on products leads to Indians bargain the hell out of any product. Somethings they can bargain a product’s price to nearly half the actual price.


4. Throwing Garbage Anywhere

Nowhere in the world will you find people throwing garbage wherever they want. That is exactly why some people consider India as a dirty country, and the rules are not yet in place to check the practice and keep India clean.

5. Borrowing From Neighbors

Indians have a good relationship with neighbors in most of the cases, and hence, they can borrow products from one other. In most of the foreign countries, people hardly meet their neighbors on the weekends only, and the relationship is not that friendly like it is in India.

6. “Jugaad”

Indians are associated with the word “Jugaad” which means they can fulfill their necessity by any means. They use spare parts and useless objects to create anything they need.

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7. Not Following Laws

When Indian s need to cross the road, they just show a hand and do it. Even though it is breaking of laws but it is a common practice and going on for ages.

8. Eating With Hands

This is a specialty of Indias that they eat with their hands and many foreigners consider it dirty as your nails get into your mouth. But the taste of any spicy dishes can only be felt accurately when you eat it with hands.


9. Accommodation

In a crowded train or bus, Indians can always adjust themselves and even sit on top of the vehicles and hang from the vehicles to reach the destination.

10. Staying and Respecting Elders

Indians are probably the only one who stay with their parents for the lifetime. The act of bending and touching feet is only applicable in India.

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