10 Totally Weird iPhone Accessories You Have To See To Believe!

We are not going to tell you about the normal and usual accessories that you might already be using with your iPhone like external camera lens and stuff like that. Instead, these are the weirdest accessories you can buy to wow others.

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Umbilical Cord Charger


This is just weird as hell. An artist has designed this changed for iPhone to show human attachment to smartphone in general. If you want to buy one, make sure you have a creepy personality else outsiders will get the scare of their lives. What is worse, the umbilical cord vibrates and moves automatically while charging to show it is living as in human.



Now, you can kiss on Kissenger and your partner who is away from you can feel you kiss on his Kissenger. It transmits the kiss and it has movement to perfect copy your kiss and send the sensations.

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Female Hand iPhone Stand

An artificial female hand is attached to the back of the iPhone case and when you are talking on the phone, you would feel like you are holding a girl’s hand. It helps in better grip and reminds you of your ex-girlfriend maybe. Well, you can let the hand hold item for you as well.

Hana iPhone Case


This is weird than a female hand. It has a nose at the back and to hold the phone comfortable, you have to put your two fingers inside the nose. It looks weird from someone else’s viewpoint. You can keep your iPhone in a slanting position with it while watching video.

As-Seen-On-TV Hat


If you are tired of holding your iPhone with your hand while watching video, you can buy this hat. The phone will be placed inside it and hang in front of your eyes and you can enjoy whatever you want to. But it would look very weird from outside.

Bathroom iPhone Case

Well, it has nothing to do with bathroom unless you are a pervert. It has a naked lady at its back and you can go to bathroom and have pleasure with it. It is a stand and very handy to say the least.

Yellow Jacket Case


This is a must for women who always get perverts around them. It comes with a stun gun and the power is enough to send the perverts to the hospital. But it looks quite weird and thick for a phone. You iPhone will become a walky-talky.

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Spraytech iPhone Case


It comes with pepper spray attached to its back. It looks like a pencil battery but it is very handy and comes in various attractive colors. Perverts need to watch out before even thinking of making a move.

Celluon Virtual Keyboard


This is one of the coolest accessories ever. You can turn any flat surface into a keyword and it is fully functional. It may be weird from others to watch you use some futuristic technology.

Joey Bra


This bra is made to hold your iPhone while you are jogging or exercising and listening to music at the same time. It looks really weird but if you want to draw the attention of men towards your beauties, go for it.

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