10 Ways To Be The Meanest Mother In The World

Usually, all the mothers in the world are very sensitive and do everything for their children. I have seen some mothers who indulge in such activities that make their kid stubborn and adamant. Such activities include- cooking for them at any hour, doing what they ask, give them what they want, ignore their mistakes, encouraging them to be extra brave by hitting others, and showing off too much love even when they need to apologize. Kids are very smart these days and for sure they know how to throw their emotional tantrums on their mother. At times mothers need to be strong and mean enough to teach a lesson to their children. These learnings through mothers will help your children in future and make them a civilized citizen. Let’s go through all such conducts by which a mother can teach their children, a proper way of living from a small age.

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Ask your kids to go to bed at a proper time

This help your children to have a decent 8-10 hours’ sleep and enhance brain functionality.



Don’t give your kids dessert everyday

Say “No” to your child when he asks for sweets every day. It will result in tooth decay and other stomach issues.



Make them pay for their own stuff

When kids start getting their pocket money, indulge them in the habit of saving and paying for their personal stuff. By doing this, they will realize the value of money and save.

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Don’t pull strings on them

Make them do their things in their own way or you make them do such tasks according to their intelligence level. Don’t pull strings on them as it will restrain their brain functionality. They will become habitual of following instructions and won’t apply brains.



Make them do hard things

Make them run, jog or play such games which involve lots of physical activity. This will make their body strong.



Give them a watch and alarm clock

Make them value the importance of time. Set proper timings for each activity to be done. Even when they leave for a friend’s house, let them know when they have to return. Ask them to get up early by themselves by setting the alarm clock.



Don’t always buy them latest and the greatest

Don’t buy every latest and expensive gadgets and toys as those will make them self-aggrandizing. Try to raise your child in a normal environment so that he knows the value of everything.



Control their media use

Don’t provide your child all the means to connect to the internet world. Mobiles, tablets, TV, iPods and laptops, will make them addictive. They may go in the wrong direction through these mediums.



Make them apologize

If they hit someone, steal for the first time, or hurt you, by any means you make them realize their mistake. Make them feel sorry and tell them strictly to not to repeat the mistake again.



Mind their manners

Unmannered children are not tolerated or appreciated by anyone. Whenever you kid misbehaves, try to get him down and tell him that his attitude is not right. Don’t start hitting them or insulting them in front of others. First approach kids in a polite way and if that doesn’t work, then take strict measures.



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