12 Lessons we all learnt from ‘The Conjuring 2’

If you have watched The Conjuring 2 then you will relate to all the lessons given below and if not then get ready for some spoilers

  1. Do not buy a furnished home


As we all saw that buy a furnished home comes with extreme surprises like the old man’s attachment to the ‘chair in the corner’. So if you buy a home with a chair in the corner you either leave the house or burn the chair down!  Run for your life


  1. Nail the crucifix from both the sides

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The demon will never be able to turn the entire crucifix on the wall upside-down if you nail on both ends. So you are safe in a room full of a crucifix and no demon will ever harm you.


  1. Fix water leaks


If you have a leakage anywhere, fix it immediately or else the old man will be swimming in waiting for you to look down before he carves his teeth in your skin.


  1. Run away!


If you see someone in the mirror, do not turn around, do not look back in the mirror, do not think you are hallucinating because you aren’t. Run immediately. Get someone with you pack your bags and burn down the house!


  1. Learn demon names




You never know when you will have to need them. So, have the names on the tip of your tongue and try all of them maybe one of them works for you and you can save lives or life or yourself.


  1. Don’t portrait your dreams


If you dream about something it’s a humble request to not portrait them and just let them be in your dreams or else its shadow will enter your home and kill you while you are dreaming about it again


  1. Don’t invite neighbours who say “house is haunted”


If you have neighbours whose house is haunted or state that it is clearly you DO NOT INVITE them because you are calling trouble on yourself! Call a priest or someone instead. Don’t be heroic


  1. Check dark corners


If you see and child in your home sitting and talking into a dark corner, it is essential for you to have a check over there; sprinkle holy water if necessary!


  1. A toy that makes sounds


It’s a great idea to gift any child a toy that makes sounds because the best way to find out if you are being haunted is when the dark forces start playing around with the toys.


  1. No tents


It’s a strict warning to not let your child/children make a tent out of linen in the house you never know maybe the dark force has made the tent its home and is living in it.


  1. Have an axe


You never know when your husband/partner takes a stupid decision to go alone while he knows he may die. So keep an axe handy you might have to break some doors to get in and talk some sense into his head


  1. Listen to your sister

CON2-2ND-TRL-87972 (1)

If she wakes up in the middle of the night talking to someone or talking in different voice every time don’t not believe her pay attention to her tell your mum, call the priest, ask someone else to investigate.

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