15 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World! Check Out The Price!

Who does not love to have a cute dog as a pet? But the cuter they are, the higher are their price tags. The small packaged dogs give us loyal company, happiness and complete our family. They are the stress busters in life as a playful session with them can give you back to joyful life. However angry you may be on them, but their cute innocent face will melt your heart. However, this happiness can cost you a lot depending on which breed of dogs you want to have as your pet. Check out the list of 15 most expensive dog breeds in the world!

1. Lowchen

This dog is sold for $3000. The Lowchen is tagged “Little Lion Dog”. It is among the rarest dog breeds in the world. It is as smart as a whip, healthy, happy, and friendly. If you are looking for a noisy dog, you won’t find that in the Lowchen.

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2. Maltese

The highest price this dog was ever sold at is $5000. It’s a lovable white dog, very playful, lively, and easy to get along with. However, their incessant barking can drive you up a wall.

3. The English Bulldog

Undoubtedly, one of the more expensive dog breed in the world as sold at $3000. This stout and wrinkly breed is loved because of their relaxed attitude to life. They are good companions for children especially if they grow together.

4. Rottweiler

According to statistics, this dog is the scariest dog breed in the world and sells around $6000. They are confident, courageous, and very calm. They can become aggressive when you neglect or abuse them.

5. Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound prices range from $6500-$7000. Looking for a sensitive and amazing watchdog? Then this is your perfect pick. They are friendly, active, and intelligent with a life expectancy of 14 years.

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6. German Shepherd

A German Shepherd’s minimum price is $6500 and can be sold at a high price of $20,500. The shepherd is an excellent pet for persons with common diseases like perianal fistulas and dysplasia. They are playful fearless, loyal, and gorgeous. With this breed at home, your home will be protected.

7. Bichon Frise

This breed can sell for up to $1500. This dog is merry and cheerful. With kids in your home, they are gentle demeanor, playful, and have an affectionate attitude.

8. Samoyed

The price range of the Samoyed is between $4000-10,000. They are gorgeous dogs, which is why they are expensive. Samoyed can serve as watchdogs. They will bark whenever there is a stranger around, close your home.

9. Tibetan Mastiff

The Mastiff prices range from $7000-$10,000. This dog is very stubborn but extremely intelligent. It is not advisable to leave them outside because anything that moves, they will bark at it.

10. Dogo Argentino

Sells from $3,900 upward. Looking for a jogging companion, they are perfect at that. However, boredom may result in destructive behavior and aggression.

11. Saluki

They are typically sold for $2500. You can call them the “Persian Greyhound.” They are sensitive and independent. They are among the best hunting dogs.

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12. American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed sells for $1200. They are easy-going breed, athletic, loyal, and stubborn. They become aggressive if they see other dogs.

13. Yorkshire Terrier

Their prices range from $600-$3000. Fondly called the “Yorkie.” Great with kids especially when they socialized together from a tender age.

14. Irish Wolfhound

Generally sold for $2000. When provoked, they are fierce but tender when stroked. They have distinct personalities, which makes it hard to pinpoint the exact features.

15. Newfoundland

Generally, the Newfoundland dog is sold at $1500. If you have watched “Peter Pan,” you may have seen it. They are trainable and considerably gentle.
Which one of them will you be interested to have as your pet to entertain and accompany you when everyone ignores you?

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