3 Steps To Ideal Mornings, More Creative Days And A More Contented Life

Today we will discuss on how to balance your life perfectly by just making our mornings better. To balance your work life and personal life one needs to put an effort to make their mornings productive. For this, you have to start from the time you go to bed. Before jumping into your bed make sure that you have proper dinner times so as to avoid health problems taking place in the night. We can work out on the three top areas so that we can create a perfect routine for ourselves.

No Screens

The first step for the perfect morning is to avoid gadgets and tech products at night. If you keep on browsing or watching your favorite series, you may end up into late sleep and resulting in exhausting morning schedules. Nowadays all the tech products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. have become an addiction to everyone, and though it is tough for some to get rid of them, we have to try for a good sound sleep. Put your gadgets away from your side tables and try to keep a book instead. Book reading is a good habit which leads to early sleep as well as rendering thoughtful dreams.

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Man In Bed At Home Texting On Mobile Phone


Physical routine

If you are solemn about getting rid of your strenuous mornings, then try including some bedtime routines like deep breathing, meditating and stretching. This habit will make you feel relaxed, and you will have a stress-free sound sleep. These exercises will help you to reduce the stress of those rough days that you had at your workplace. After performing the bedtime ritual, you have just to lie down on your bed and recall the whole day’s activities. Think of all that you have done and where you need improvement and where you went wrong. All these thoughts will help you plan your next day well in advance. Some people also have a habit of maintaining diaries, in which they jot down everything related to their daily routines and upcoming tasks to be performed. This practice helps them have a good sleep.

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Bedroom meditation


Keep a record

Nowadays there are many apps available in your smartphones to trail your doings. These apps record the proper timings of your sleep and other information in order to give you a precise number of hours you sleep. You can exactly know if your body is getting enough rest or not. These apps have non-disturbing alarms to set your sleep pattern and wake you up at the appropriate time. “Fitbit” is one such app which tracks your hours of sleep and tells you how much rest you are taking and how many hours of nap you actually require. An average human body must have 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. eight hour sleeps makes your body fit and active for whole day.



So I think if you follow the above steps honestly and imply them in your routine life, then it will create wonders for you. The habit of early to bed, early to rise make us really healthy, wealthy and wise. You can plan up your day well in advance with more productivity and more contentment.

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