5 Basil Leaves Which Help In Curing Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease and starts as a small lump in a body. This lump keeps on spreading in all the body parts slowly and gradually. Till you come to know the exact cause and extent of the disease, it starts affecting the major areas in the body. The only treatment for cancer is chemotherapy which is a long and tough process. You can avoid cancer by consuming few green leaves which fight this disease. Let’s discuss the five basil leaves which help in curing cancer or protect us from such dreadful disease.

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1.Tulsi leaf

Tulsi has all the natural ayurvedic constituents to fight many diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tulsi leaf help to fight the disease-causing cells in the body. You can consume 2-3 leaves of Tulsi daily. You can also make a paste of 4-5 leaves and mix it in a bowl of soup or add it to your tea, so as to fight the dreadful disease like cancer and others.



2.Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves are found in every house, and almost all the food items are garnished with it before serving. It is also consumed in the form of chutney with evening snacks. But do you know that coriander has cancer-fighting compounds? The Linalool substance found in these leaves increases the antioxidant activity in the liver and cures from cancer-causing microbes.

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3.Soya leaf

Soya leaf consumption also helps in combatting the dreadful disease. The fitonutrients found in soya leaf fights with the cancer-causing cells in the body. Soya leaf is rich in Omega-3 nutrients and helps the body by providing all the necessary nutrition to the body to fight the disease.




4.Ajwain Leaf

You all must be knowing about ajwain leaf also known as Ajowan caraway, bishop’s weed or carom is an almanac herb in the family Apiaceae. If you intake this herb, you can get rid of prostate cancer which only affects men. Prostate cancer is one of the foremost reasons of death amongst men of all nation and Hispanic origin inhabitants. Ajwain leaf has Carvacrol chemical which is helpful in fighting cancer cells.



5.Rosemary leaf

Rosemary oil compromises of a harmless and natural substitute cure. Scientists consider that rosemary rouses liver enzymes, which deactivate estrogen hormones. Women who are pregnant are instructed not to use rosemary. Since its oil has exceptionally strong flavor, it should never be consumed directly. Its most remarkable characteristic, though, is the effect it has on cancer cells, comprising skin, colon, prostate and breast cancer and leukemia.rosemary


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