How to Get iPhone X Look on Android Devices?

iPhone X is a craze among smartphone users, but the only thing that is restricting people from buying it is its extremely high price. It is the smartest, coolest and most powerful smartphone and its 256 GB variant costs 1 lakh in India. In such a scenario, if you want to transform your bezel-less Android smartphone into iPhone X, we have the way.

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Transformation Into Iconic iPhone X –

Get The Notch On The Top –

You have to take help of the third-party app named XOutOf10. It adds the notch that iPhone X has on your Android smartphone. You can enable or disable it as per your liking.


Install the app from Google Play Store and give it all the required permission. Once done, you will find the notch on the lock screen, background of startup and even on pop-up windows. Open the app and tap on the option ‘ If It’s Your First Run…’ and enable the options you want to see.

Get iPhone X Home Screen –

For this step, you may have to spend some bucks to get Nova Launcher Prime for $4.99. Install the app from Play Store and launch the app. Go to Settings> Desktop > Desktop Grid. Chose the option 6 x 4 grid and tap on Done button.

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Go to Desktop>Icon Layout and set the icon size to be 150%.

Go to Dock>Dock Background and select Rectangle for shape and white as content color. Make the transparency to 50%.

The home screen to be like iPhone X, you need to have the right set of icons. For that, you need to install the app TrueiOS – Icon Pack. Then go to Nova Launcher and go to Settings> Look & Feel > Icon theme > TrueiOS Icon Pack.

Set iPhone X Wallpaper and Make Round Corners-

You have to download iPhone X wallpaper manually and set it on your Android smartphone. It is the simplest thing to do.
By now, you have almost everything iPhone user interface has except the round corners. Most of the Android bezel-less smartphones do not have rounded corners, and hence, you have to fake it.

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For that, you need to install another app called Roundr. That is all you need to get iPhone X on your bezel-less Android smartphone.


To sum up, you need to install four apps – Roundr, Nova Launcher Prime, TrueiOS, and XOutOf10 and download wallpaper of iPhone X.

The first one is for getting rounded corners, the third one is for icon set, the fourth one is for the top black notch and the second one is for the overall layout.

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