Hilarious! Weird Phobias Of Popular Bollywood Celebrities

We all have some phobias, while some phobias are very common, some are extremely weird. I have a phobia of stones scratching, but who cares about my phobia anyway We are here to talk about the famous Bollywood actors and actors and their phobias will make you have a laughter attack. Embrace yourself.

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Arjun Kapoor – This guy is afraid of ceiling fans. He thinks that there will soon be an earthquake and it will fall on him. That’s why his house has no ceiling fans only ACs.

Shah Rukh Khan – This famous guy is afraid of horse riding. That’s why the Badshah of romance never pick up girls with horse riding.



Alia Bhatt – This little girl is afraid of being alone in darkness. She sleeps alone though with light on. She needs to get married soon.



Sonam Kapoor – This spotlight-fetching girl is afraid of getting stuck in elevators and free fall. She always takes stair however tall the building is.

Vidya Balan – This is really funny. This talent over-sized actresses hates cats and dogs really badly. She even was caught quarreling with crew member who brought a cat in the movie set.

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Abhisekh Bachchan – This is the baap of them all. He is afraid of eating fruits. What more can you really expect from him!



Bipasha Basu – This is really scary. Bipasha Basu who got famous after Raaz is afraid of her own laughter. Does she laugh with headphones on? She never watches her films or interviews?



Ajay Devgan – Well, at least someone has something good. Ajay is afraid of eating food with hands. He always has forks and knife ready. Save your hands for action!

Ranbir Kapoor – He is really turning girlish. He is afraid of cockroaches and spiders. Well, a man on whom girls are going crazy shares a dread just as girls do!



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