iPhone 8 To be Out On September! Leaked Specifications Are Disappointing For Many!

Tim Cook recently announced that Apple iPhone 8 is on its way and September would be the month of its release. The popular and reliable sites Forbes.com reported that iPhone is far more disappointing for loyal followers than something to be excited about. Tim Cook has admitted that the sales figure of iPhone 7 have gone down significantly as iPhone 8 is the most anticipated phones of 2017 and the fantasy booking and leaked images have only added fire to the fuel. People are no more investing in iPhone 7 and want to have the better iPhone 8. But JPMorgan Chase reported that Apple is planning to bring out iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 together in September. But that is the only fun part and the rest is below expectations.

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Why Is It Disappointing People?

As per JPMorgan, it will not have any 4mm bezels. It would be simply like Samsung Galaxy S8 with edge-to-edge display. it would be hard for people to argue to buy iPhone 8 over Galaxy S8. But the worse thing is the top and bottom part would have bezel which means the true concept of edge-to-edge is only applicable horizontal wise and not vertically. As far as design goes, it will have no change at all and only the sides will have an aluminum finish. So, it would look slightly more premium but given that it is the 10th anniversary of Apple, people’s expectations were very high that the design would change for good and the edge-to-edge display would also be applicable vertically as well.

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Why The Delay and What Is The Compensation?

It is not yet decided how to integrate the Touch ID in the phone and instead of March and April, Apple chooses to release the phone in September for the same reason. It is a stupid move given the fact that people are not buying iPhone 7 or waiting for its price to fall down significantly. The compensation for the patience could be that it will come with AirPods in the bundle itself.


What Can You Expect?

In the case, iPhone 8 comes out to be disappointing, you can invest in Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus because the prices will come down significantly at the time of release.


It could be that it is a marketing gimmick to lower the expectations about iPhone 8 and then deliver something very big to surprise people and increase the hype to buy it at any cost. You will have to wait and watch to let it unfold one and for all.

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