This Is How Much The Top Bollywood Celebs Earn Everyday!

We all know that Bollywood celebs are rich and they make a lot of money once they become popular. Some of the actors are highest paid in the entire world. But their fans and followers do not actually know how much they earn per day for their hard work and support of their fans. Embrace yourself to learn the actual digits and No.1 is a shocker because it is neither Shah Rukh nor Salman.

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10# Aishwarya Rai 



Well, she is past her prime and 3.6 lakh per day is more than what her husband earns. It is great to see that she is the only one surviving till date with grace when other actresses of her age has perished from Bollywood industry.

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9# Aamir Khan



9 lakhs per day is very low for Aamir Khan but that is the price he is willing to sacrifice to be a perfectionist for the roles in her movie. he does not do endorsements of products and concentrates only on his work.

8# Katrina Kaif



She is another actress who is literally gone past her prime thanks to the upcoming actresses like Alia and added to that, she has given a few series of super flop movies. But her brand value is still hot and running.

8# Hrithik Roshan 



It is a shame that the most talented actor of Bollywood fails to get good movie scripts and depend on his dad for successful movies. He is the most underrated actor of Bollywood of all time. He should have surpassed the Khans with his look, acting and dancing.

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7# Deepika Padukone



Even though Deepika is the highest paid actress in Bollywood, she seldom avails herself from different events and it has led to less earning per day which is enough to edge past Kat and Hrithik.

6# Kareena Kapoor



Even though she is hardly seen in movies as a full-time actress, she is the queen of endorsements and events. This is why you will see her face every single time there are ads showing on TV. As a matter of fact, she earns more than Deepika.

5# Ranbir Kapoor



He is the most sought after actor in Bollywood and he does a lot of events every now and then. This has led to his daily earnings to be around 27 lakh getting past his ex-girlfriends.

4# Amitabh Bachchan



Big B is the perfect example of no work is small. He never turns down any endorsement even if it is Navaratna Oil. Big B has a great fan following and he attends a lot of events. He is 4th on our list.

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3# Shah Rukh Khan



The king is Bollywood earns a whopping 60 lakh per day on an average considering his movies, events and endorsements. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world and his fame is worldwide.

2#Salman Khan And 1# Akshay Kumar



Both are on the of the highest paid actors in the world and it is really surprising to see Akshay Kumar edging past Sallu Bhai is terms of daily earnings thanks to his more number of movies every year.

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