Why Sellers Always Push You To Buy Oppo And Vivo Smartphones?

This is about to get savage and this article is not meant for the fanboys of Vivo and Oppo. Wherever you go in India, you can see the hoardings of Vivo and Oppo. The surprising fact is that even the shops which are not selling Oppo and Vivo phones, they too have it because Vivo and Oppo pay all the shops monthly money to keep the hoardings so because of advertisment and shoving its competitors. For those of you who do not know it yet, Oppo and Vivo have the same owner. These are just two different brands for the same company. This is done to distract people and it is a marketing strategy to capture the Indian and Chinese market.

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Why Sellers Push You To Buy Vivo and Oppo Phones?

By selling Oppo and Vivo phones, sellers get the maximum commission which ranges from 10 to 20 percentage. Imagine selling you Oppo smartphone of say Rs 20,000 and the seller will get 2000 to 4000 per piece. On the other hand, Samsung and other popular companies give the seller 3-7% commission. That is why sellers will always sell your shit from Vivo and Oppo.

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Why Vivo And Oppo Phones Are Not Worth It?

The reason we call it shit because, except the camera part, the phones are absolute garbage. Compare the specifications of Oppo and Vivo phones with similar price phones from Xioami and OnePlus. Xiaomi, Moto and OnePlus provide a better battery, processor, RAM, build quality and even OnePlus phones’ camera are better than Vivo and Oppo. But when your favorite superstars like Ranveer and Deepika are endorsing and Vivo and Oppo are tricking you by highlight ‘camera phone’, ‘selfisthan’, ‘moonlight camera’ and when you see Oppo and Vivo everywhere you go, can you really buy any other product even if you money is going down the drain? Be smart before you buy a smartphone and watch out multiple reviews on YouTube from popular YouTube channels. Even Oppo and Vivo are paying YouTubers and popular tech reviewers so that they recommend buyers to buy Vivo and Oppo phones even though in real life such YouTubers are using Samsung, OnePlus, Moto phones.

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The Last Piece Of Advice –

Sellers will tell you that other phones service is not good, they have defects and stuff like that. Do not trust them and make your own judgment. Buy any phone of Xiaomi and OnePlus, select phones of Motorola or high range phones of Samsung, Apple, and Pixel because only then your money will be worth every penny. Don’t get your brain washed by sellers.

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