Taj Mahal Appears A Pile Of Bamboo From The Sky! Read Amazing Facts!

The Great Taj Mahal is the most beautiful construction India has even had. Shah Jahan has built it in the memory of his late 3rd wife Mumtaz Mahal. She was his first love and he was completely taken aback by her demise. But there are so many unheard facts that you may be unaware of till date while Black Taj Mahal plan.

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1. The Black Taj Mahal


Shah Jahan wanted to build a black Taj Mahan where his grave would be. it would have been opposite to the existing Taj Mahal but his son did not let him build it.

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2. A Pile Of Bamboo


The architects that built scaffolding so that they can hide Taj Mahal during attacks from enemies like Pakistan. The Taj mahal would look like a pile of bamboos from the sky.

3. The Magnificent Optical Illusions

The color of Taj Mahal changes from time to time. It is pink in the morning, white during day and golden at night. Also, its size keeps increasing or decreasing as you move towards or away from its gate.

4. Taj Mahal Is A Shiva Temple?

Two scholars protested that Taj Mahal was not built by Shah Jahan but by Hindu King Parmar Dev. It has Trishul at the top. They wanted to research on it and wanted people to vacate the place but the court turned down the request.

5. The Construction History

Taj Mahal needed 22 years to be built completely. It required 20 thousand workers. Taj needed elephants to bring the marbles and building materials from different part of the world. It is said that Shah Jahan ordered to cut off the thumbs of the workers so that they could not replicate it.

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6. Construction Material and Valuation


The entire Taj Mahal is made up of the highest quality of white marbles collected from Rajasthan, Tibet, China, and Afghanistan. It has embroidery work, calligraphy works, and 28 different types of precious stones embedded. It cost nearly 20 million which in present valuation is more than a billion.

7. Geometry Of Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal looks same from all the sides. It is a mirror image on all sides. It has perfect symmetry. But the minarets are protruding outwards because if they fall during a strong earthquake, the building will not be damaged because they will fall outside it.

8. Taj Mahal Once Vanished

Taj Mahal


The great magician P.C. Sarkar Jr. vanished Taj Mahal in front of a lot of spectators on a fine day. It was an optical illusion and it went completely viral. The spectators were in complete shock.

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