Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs Of 2018 You Need To Pursue!

2017 is coming to an end and we are looking forward to 2018 to make it a better year financially. If you are into tech jobs, you should now the skills you should acquire in 2018 and the tech jobs you should give a go to earn maximum money in 2018. Here are the top 10 highest paying tech jobs of 2018 you need to know and pursue. You can get $130,000 annual salary on an average.


10. Hardware Engineer

There is a great dearth of hardware engineer. Hardware engineer are not those who only repair parts. They also design and modify various electronic gadgets.

Average Annual Salary – $101,000.

9. Security Engineer

Security is the priority in today’s world and the need for security engineers are on the rise. A security engineer has to supervise system installation and supervise it regularly to ensure the security of all products.

Average Annual Salary – $102,000.

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8. QA Manager

There is a great demand for QA or quality assurance manager probably because it requires experience and there are few of them. You have to ensure the quality of a product before delivery. It is one step ahead of testing.

Average Annual Salary – $103,000.

7. Data Scientist

Data are everything in this world for companies to study and form strategy to make their product or service viral among the targeted audiences. It is the complete analysis of data to find out trend and insights.

Average Annual Salary – $105,000.


6. Product Manager

Product manager is involved in designing and marketing a product. These are two major responsibilities and hence, there is always a huge demand for good product managers.

Average Annual Salary – $113,000.

5. IT Manager

It may sound new to some but IT managers are more for organizations and companies that are non-IT. I.T. managers find out different ways to make things digital.

Average Annual Salary – $115,000.

4. Software Development Manager

There are no dearth of software development managers and they mostly serve as project head.

Average Annual Salary – $116,000.

3. Analytics Manager

They are more like data manager but they are specific in dealing with financial and business analytics for the betterment of the company in future.

Average Annual Salary – $120,000.

2. Solution Architecture

They are responsible for solving the critical functioning of a system and solving complex problems. They are more into designing the system for the others to implement and execute that.

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Average Annual Salary – $121,000.


1. Software Architect

Finally, at number one position we have software architect makes high-end designs. They are responsible for designing software and solutions for projects.

Average Annual Salary – $102,000.

Which one of them is your cup of tea?

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