Top Innovative Tech Products We Are Waiting For In 2018!

The year 2018 is here and we are looking forward to some of the most innovative products that are about to come up in this year. The most innovative popular product of the year 2017 has to be iPhone X. It is interesting to see what else Apple is going to bring in its new iPhone that will be launched in 2018. Apple has filed a patent for a foldable smartphone which is a grand step and maybe the next big thing in the smartphone world. Anyways, check out check out the most anticipated tech products of the year.

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Oculus Go –


This is the product that will change the way you use Facebook and it is going to be Facebook’s standalone headset. There will no requirement for a computer or smartphone. The headset will have everything in it. This is going to change the VR world completely.

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Samsung Galaxy Note X –


Samsung is going to bring out Note X as it is rumored to be. The smartphone is going to be an answer to iPhone X and hence, the features will be worth seeing. It is likely to be a foldable smartphone and there are rumors of it having over the air charging facility which will kill iPhone X.

Microsoft Hinged Tablet –


Most people talk about smartphones but tablets get neglected very often. Microsoft might bring a hinged or foldable tablet and suddenly the tablets can be as popular as smartphones. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft makes a comeback with a bang that has the potential tof disrupting the tablet world.

Apple Mac Pro and iPhone SE-


Apple for the first time in four years is going to bring and there could be some really awesome and innovative features. Similarly, iPhone SE is also going to get an upgrade and it could be the mid-range killer for all flagship smartphones.

Autonomous Electric Vehicle –


Autonomous electric vehicles are going to become a reality and you need to watch out for CES 2018 and that is the event when all the innovative products are coming out. We will keep you updated.

Among other things, 5G will be completely mainstream and digital payment apps will do great. But a killer app on AR and VR is required and 2018 could be the year. There could be smartphones with a fingerprint scanner on the glass and artificial intelligence will start taking over gadgets. Most importantly, eSIM will become popular whereby there won’t be any need to using multiple SIMs for different carriers. It will be embedded and can be connected to require carrier.

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